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        If you are suffering the following condition, see Min for the Dignosis in terms of TCM and the effective Treatment

- Liver toxic
- Incontinence

- Infertility
- Interstitial Cystitis
- Insomnia
- Irritable bowel
- Kidney (urinary) infection
- Migraine headaches
- Miscarriage
- Morning sickness
- Stroke
- Ovarian disorders
- Pancreatic Enzyme
- Palpitation
- Plantar Fasciitis
- Post stoke rehab
- Prostate problems
- Scars
- Scabies
- Skin disorders
- Skin ulcer
- Shingles
- Sinusitis
- Stomach ulcer
- Stress
- Tennis elbow
- Thyroid disorders
- Vaginosis (Yeast, bacterial, fungle)
- Virus attacks
- Weight gain
- Wrinkles

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"Digestive System Plays the Most Important Role in Clinical Pathology in Chinese Medicine"

Ref: Li, Zhong Yuan (Pi Wei Lun)


Acupuncture will increase your digestive system activity, help better circulation.




Migraine Headache


comes from many causes. In the acute stage, Acupuncture is a very important treatment. We then follow with other therapies such as herbal medicine to prevent happenings in the future


Motor Neuron Disease

3 weeks after a virus attack, Mr. J lost movement in all his ten of his fingers and toes and was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease.

Mr. J had recovered 85% after just six treatments and a month later, Mr. J was back to work.


Min Can Help You With Much More Internal External Problems ............



What is involved in Acupuncture treatment


Acupuncture History

Acupuncture is an ancient healing technique that originated in China over 2, 000 years ago. It's used for many conditions, such as pain, digestive disorders, insomnia, anxiety, and nausea.

Common Acupuncture Questions

Some questions that I get asked a lot are "does it hurt" or "what are the needles like"? So today, I'm at Exhale Spa in Boston, and I'm going to show you what an acupuncture treatment is really like.


Your First Consultation

Well usually, I start asking about your health concerns, your lifestyle and your well-being. According your complains, I will combining TCM diagnosis methods, check your tongue, your pulse, your complexion, your pain, your apperance, palpation and physical movements. I will then use those information to analysing and diagnosis in terms of TCM and make a treatment plain. We may start the treatmentand then. Herbal medicine and diet and lifestyle advises may suggested if relevant.


Acupuncture Needles

Most people are surprised to see how thin acupuncture needles really are. Look at how this one bends against my finger.Typically, 6 to 12 needles are used in a treatment. They're inserted into acupuncture points in the body, which are invisible lines of energy flow called meridians.


Does Acupuncture Hurt?

One of the most common things people are most interested in is whether acupuncture hurts. When the needle first goes in there's usually a slight pinch or no pain at all. They're typically inserted 2 mm and 1.5 cm into the body.And if you're afraid of needles, don't worry. Just tell your acupuncturist. There are many ways to get around this. Often the needle is manipulated until a mild sensation or tingling is felt in the area around the needle.


How Long Does Acupuncture Treatment Last?

Once the needles are in, you're usually allowed to rest for anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes. With some styles, needles only need to be left in for seconds.And if you have to move, let's say if your toe is itchy, just tell your acupuncturist. At the end of the treatment, the needles are removed. The needle is usually removed so quickly you hardly feel anything at all.


After Your Acupuncture Treatment

After the treatment, the most common feeling is being relaxed but some people feel energized. Take a few minutes to rest, drink some water or herbal tea, and you're ready to get on with your day.Thanks for watching. To learn about acupuncture, please visit us on the web at


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