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Herbal Medicine In Pill Form

for Your Busy Llife


Chinese Herbal Medicine

 Natural, Traditional, Nutritional, Detoxification and Nourishment

Traditional Chinese Medicine has its origin in ancient Taoist philosophy which views a person as an energy system in which body and mind are unified, each influencing and balancing the other. Unlike allopathic medicine which attempts to isolate and separate a disease from a person, Chinese Medicine emphasizes a holistic approach that treats the whole person. Yin Yang theory is the prinsiple through out the body balancing process. Many people have found Traditional Chinese methods of healing to be excellent tools for maintaining optimum health and preventing illness.

The success of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is largely in its approach to seeing the body as a whole picture, not just treating the area that is causing you trouble. TCM is beneficial for a wide range of diseases and ailments; however you do not need to have a specific illness to be treated. The strength of Traditional Chinese Medicine is its ability to bring the body into balance, boosting your immune system and preventing diseases whilst promoting a feeling of good health.

Tougue Reading Helps Diagnosis in Terms of TCM

*The tongue is large, pale with shinny moist white coating; this indicates spleen and kidney yang deficiency. Teeth marks on sides; indicates Qi (energy) deficiency. The warm tonic herbs will be the best; she should avoid cold food and drinks. Herbal moxa also effective in this case.

*This lady was unable to sleep for weeks, very emotional and had a sore and red eyes. This is what we called heart and lung Yin Dificiency with liver fire. Heart is fire organ in 5 elements and liver is the wood organ. The fire will be stronger if you keep adding the woods into the fire. she may also suffering ulcer in her intestine.

*Strong Damp and Heat case. Need to quit smoking and alcohol, and use herbs to clean up internal toxic. Which he never can quench the thirst although he drinking all day long. That is the tipical Damp/Heat condition.


He gets heart burn all the time. He describe himself was breathing fire. Fire has burned off the water from his internal organs. He was getting nightmare every night.

A Balance diet and balance Yin Yang level will bring him back onto the tract.

Regular working hours also help he get some sleeping.

She was thirsty all the time no mater how much she drinks. We call this is spleen dampness and over heating in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis. She has no apitite at all.

She has put on a lots of weight over the last 2 years. She tried to reduce food intake, involved basketball and still putting on weight. In fact, her intestains are unable to take the nutrition but obsorbing rubish only. She was suffering irritable bowel syndrome.

He has been insomnia for years, constipation and hemorrhoids was also his major concerns.
He sharing accommodation with 3 other young men and there was a small party every Friday nights and went out for drink every month.
He works hard and all these drove him mad.
There will be not too hard to see his internal health, which showing a red burning tongue with dry yellow coating on top.
In terms of TCM, He is in the status of Damp Heat and need immediately addressed by releasing heat by acupuncture and detoxify dampness by herbal medicine.
Although treatment is important, but if he do not prepare to change his lifestyle, his problem will never get better.




She is a hard working girl and just started her own business of a Massage Clinic. She massage people during the day, do her book work at night. she hardely gets time to sleep. Soon she found she cannot coping with the stress and willing to close her newly openned shop.
Her eye built up dark rings and her tongue puff with teeth marks around the edge. These are the signs of exhaustion.
In her case, would be nice toreduce the work load, release pressure by acupuncture and take some herbal medicine to help her energy back to the track.



There is a noticeable very deep line in the middle of his tongue. General speaking, his tongue color is quite pale/dark/purplish. On top of those conditions, there are dirty old "Tofu" look coating on top.
His digestive system was chronically ill and easy and often to get indigestion. There could be a hiden problem of blood circulation....


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