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Your initial online Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis may involves analyses according your medical history, your complain, Photos, your explaination and standard Questionnaire. Specified questions / photos may further required. Until the case is clear then the TCM diagnosis and treatment plan will be given. Follow up short review may required new photos.
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Sunnybank Acupuncture Chinese Medicine I
Herbal Medicine Purchase: Pill form. Will despatch no more than two working days. Will deliveried to your provided address. Chassing number will be given.
In a case of acute problems, 1 to 2 weeks supply.
In chronic cases usually supply 4 weeks initially unless for a comman case. Formula repeats no consultation fee.
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You will like it. Don't think I took off your favorite food. Consider that the foods you have consumed in the last X years may cause your chronic illness. Try it out and you won't miss any delicious. Short-term changes may be sufficient to notice changes in your health. Long-term compliance may get you out of sub-health.
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after the diagnosis. Principle will be given and sorry never can explain every single items.
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Most of the health issues come from unpropiate lifestyles. We will sugest your lifestyle changes to address your health issues. We believe combining herbal treatment and follow this style will benefit your well being in the long run.
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after the diagnosis.
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Note to TCM online Users

The essential difference between Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Medicine is no such uniformed medication for every one in the same disease. For example, the panadol releave headache in general. But in TCM, headache can be caused by different pathologe. Therefore we use different medicine to against the cause pathology not just mask the pain. In these differ situation, patient required a proper diagnoses to ditermin what formula to suit your case. Usally, medicines not provide over the counter. Inicial diagnoses is not forever suit you, even diffrent season can cause health problem differently in same person. Reconmend a update diagnoses if your situation changed.

中医与西医之间的本质区别在于,同一疾病中的每个人都没有统一的药物。 例如,阿司匹林通常可以缓解头痛。 但是在中医中,头痛可能是由不同的病因引起的。 因此,我们使用不同的药物来对抗病因,而不仅仅是掩盖疼痛。 在这些不同的情况下,患者需要适当的诊断来确定适合您的情况的配方。 通常,不可以直接从药房购买。 初始诊断并非永远适合您,即使不同的季节也会在同一个人中引起不同的健康问题。 建议您通过新的诊断确定您的情况是否发生变化。

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