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Sunnybank Acupuncture Chinese Medicine I
Your initial online Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis may involves analyses according your medical history, your complain, Photos, your explaination and standard Questionnaire. Specified questions / photos may further required. Until the case is clear then the TCM diagnosis and treatment plan will be given. Follow up short review may required new photos.
Your Health Issues
Current Photos,
Photo to showing tongue,
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$70 Initial Consultation Item T1
$50 Ongoing Item T2
Sunnybank Acupuncture Chinese Medicine I
Herbal Medicine Purchase: Pill form. Will despatch no more than two working days. Will deliveried to your provided address. Chassing number will be given.
In a case of acute problems, 1 to 2 weeks supply.
In chronic cases usually supply 4 weeks initially unless for a comman case. Formula repeats no consultation fee.
Postage and Handling $20 Brisbane suburbs allow 2 days delivery
Other area by Aust. Post

Country and remote area may charge accordingly. Longer deliverys
2 weeks single bottle supply: Item H2
4 weeks single bottle supply: Item H4
Quote will be given after the assement
acupuncture Chinese herbal medicine sunn
You will like it. Don't think I took off your favorite food. Consider that the foods you have consumed in the last X years may cause your chronic illness. Try it out and you won't miss any delicious. Short-term changes may be sufficient to notice changes in your health. Long-term compliance may get you out of sub-health.
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$70 Initial consultation Item D1
after consultation diagnosis and advise will be given 
 Item D2
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Most of the health issues come from unpropiate lifestyles. We will sugest your lifestyle changes to address your health issues. We believe combining herbal treatment and follow this style will benefit your well being in the long run.
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$50 Initial Item L1
after the diagnosis.
Follow up email enquiry  $20 Item L2



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