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Main Features


  1. Six groups of premium jade internal projector for maximum effect

  2. Heated jade rollers can reach temperatures of 40 to 70 degrees to effectively transfer heat to your discomfort spots on your back

  3. Neck jade roller with liner rail to provide extra treatment for head and neck discomfort

  4. Tourmaline stone has five major benefits for the human body: a) Release of 4-14 µm high energy far infrared ray b) Release of negative ion permanently c) Generates 0.06mA bio-current) Rich in minerals and elements) Erases bad smells and kills bad bacteria

  5. Chiropractic, acupressure and infrared therapy

  6. Two external jade projectors with 5/13 balls to be applied to the parts of the body unreachable by the bed

  7. Back massage mattress angle can be adjusted to suit your personal needs




Herbal Medicine

Magnetic Thermo Treatment


Infrared Massage

Laser Therapy


Ear Candles

Cupping, Moxa


Dietery Advise

Lifestyle Suggestion

Exercise  for Healing

Combined Therapies are available to suit yuor case

Discover More

Infrared massager

Infrared Massage Devise: This is a very special infrared massager, which I have found in my forty years career. It is combines heat and rolling massage techniques that has helped so many severe pain in the last 18 years, Many patients come back for that specific magic wand treatment. I believe that also has helped your case.

ElectricMagnetic Thermal Lamp

Multy Function Digital Therapy

Chinese Herbal Formulars

Examples only

Stretching for Sport Injury

Cupping for Detoxification

Diet: Food that agreed with you


Contact To

Min Wu  Acupuncture

Australia  0414 088 086

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