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Accordance with your complaints, I will provide analysis, examination and diagnosis in terms of Chinese Medicine.


The best herbs and therapies will be utilised to help improve your condition and wellbeing.

Cleansing, Balancing and Restoring Your Body Health

Balance Yin Yang to Achieve the Highest Health Potential

Successful pregnancy after four miscarriage

After four miscarriages


She is a Fijian and was working as a flight attendant. She had a 5 years old healthy boy. She wants more children but had four miscarriages after the first child. That was her 5th pregnancy and She was 5 weeks pregnant in November 1998. But "there seems no luck to keep this one" telling her again her specialist. She was very disappointed and very stressed.

A dream changed her life: "you have Chinese blood, go to see a Chinese doctor!" Wake up in the morning, she looks up the Yellow Pages and found that Min was the Chinese doctor in the area.

Optimise your health





Diarrhoea, Allergy and Psoriasis


Diarrhoea—Allergy—Psoriasis. It doesn’t sound possible to link these symptoms together. But it is true.

Ray came to see Min in August with rashes and weeping all over his body especially under arm and groin areas. These had flared up for the last three months. It had made him very irritable and caused insomnia and fatigue.

One of the TCM diagnostic methods is tongue checking. Min has noticed there is empty spot on Ray’s tongue. Following the indication, Min found a 15cm long lump in Ray’s abdomen. That could be a growth or ulcer in the descending colon.

Looking back on his past, Ray had very bad bacteria diarrhoea in February for five weeks. He had diarrhoea 15 – 18 times every day with mucus and blood. It was finally brought down to 10 – 12 times a day. He decided that he can live with and had enough with the medicine, so he stopped them. In May, he had a food allergy and broken out rashes all over him. His son also had allergy from the same food and had rashes, but was over in three weeks time. Unfortunately, Ray could not get over but got worse and worse. He consulted with many doctors and alternative therapists, and din't cure the problem.

The rashes soon became psoriasis and drove him mad. Min understands the underlying problem. Other then a tube of cream and a bottle herb for liver cleansing, Min concentrated in his colon treatment. By using acupuncture and infrared working on his tummy, the spot on his tongue became smaller and smaller, then became coated nicely. At this stage, Min suggested using some vitamin supplements. Ray’s situation improved progressively. In two months of treatment, his bowel motion went back to normal- only one or two firm bowel movements a day; his tongue is evenly coated and nice pink in colour; his skin healed like nothing happen there before; his energy is ever so good.

Fell pregnant naturally after 8yrs no period


I am 35 in 2006. I was started my menstruation when I was in high school. I never forgot how painful it was and like flooding every time.  About eight years ago, it suddenly became spotting for months, and finally the period stopped and not come back. First I was blame my stressful working life. My doctor put me in stress tablets. but my situation has no better. Then doctor put me in estrogen treatment and tell me  in contraceptive pills continually for my rest of life.


I have married three years and want to start a family. I tried to stop the pills, and found I don't have my natural period nor ovulation. I had got endometriosis clean up three times, still nothing is happen.  I borrowed my sister's eggs but failed IVF twice. All those drug and hormone treatments made me felt sick and crazy.


For the last resort to come to see Min. She first notice there are many big cut off marks on my tongue. That was indicated the possibility of endometriosis have had grown into my intestines. Gone through months of infrared and acupuncture treatments, using Chinese medical herbs and USANA supplements, I got first time in my life got positive ovulation and a natural period 14 days after the first ovulation. My period then spot on time since. I am looking forward further good news. (Dated 9/9/06).


I am pregnant (28th March 2007)! Since I have no trouble of ovulation, IVF treatment become use my own egg but fertilised externally. For the last four months, I have taken herbal procedures to secure the Zygotes. But my body seems not accept them and they all failed. Min had check out again and again and suggested that I should try naturally. Since early March, she use herbs to help my abdomen keep in warm condition. In only four weeks, I have successfully felt pregnant(28th March 2007)!  I am very happy and am like to share my happiness with all of you.


15 YO Bed Wettings

Every year visit specialist only got told the boy will grow out of Bed Wetting one day.

Min Found abnormal growth in first visit, solved in 3 treatments.


Acupuncture treatment healed Motor Neurological Disease

Young man back to full time work in 2 weeks.

New Mother in "X" Legs


27 years old lady struggle walk in with two knees touching each other but two feet open outwards. I was wondering whether she has had polio. No! she said. Does she have an injury? No! she said. What is happen? She has no idea how she ends up like this walk.

It is only happened for 2 to 3 weeks, and grandly worsening. She has been to doctors and other acupuncturist and diagnosed sciatica problem, but pain killer and acupuncture did not help.

She is a schoolteacher. She has a baby 6 weeks old. She is currently living in her mother's place and getting helps from Mum. I get her lie on table and allocated a severe pain in her hip. Her hip joint ligament was terribly Torn and inflamed. The joint is not holding the femur but the knees inwards and compensation with feet outwards to make her body stood up. What can be cause these injuries?

To be found, in maternity, new mother's body is going through many changes and challenges. This girl was using a baby cot and set it on the floor. Amazing how many times she needs to pick up from and put baby into the cot every day, every time was from/to the floor level. She has had so many bends over and lunges over, her back, her hip, her knees were overly used, and ligaments were torn, and joints were inflamed.

Found the reason and need to address them straight away! I gave her a good infrared local massage and electric acupuncture. so much relieved. I also gave her a simple exercise to adjust the joint. The minute she come down to the floor, her legs can go straighter and walk easier. She only required 3 treatments and back to normal posture.



Heel spurs


75 Years old move to Brisbane from Toowoomba only 3 months. Because the tile floor, she got Heel Spurs in both feet, painful to touch the floor every day. With Min's treatment and advices, get rit off the spurs and back to healthy walking.



She didn't go blind. in fact, brighter.


Grandma was 73 when she first consult with Min 12 years ago. Her right eye had blinded for a year. And her left eye could also be blind in six months time according her specialist. She was penic to look for help.

Min analysed her case and explained in terms of Yin Yang balance theory. Which she has been a diabetic for tens of years; she also suffering high blood pressurem and the medication side affects made her in baddly stomache ulcer. She was in a situation of excessive Yang condition.

A herbal formular was not targeting any symptom, but eleminate Yang condition lowered her blood pressure, soothed her stomache and helped her suger level. She soon able to cut down the medications. Her sign is better and better. Back to the specialist six months later, she didn't go blind, in fact, brighter.

Restless Legs - Dancing Syndrome


It is so frustrated that Margeret suffering Restless Legs for the last 3 years. She is 83yo and everywhere she went, she got told that is old age problem, and doctors and medications did not do any thing for her.

She had tried Acupuncture, and the acupuncturist was put a dozen needles on her legs but that done her no good. Come to see Min for the last resort, Min showed a positive confidence that needling on her scalp on the Trembling/Dancing zone will help her legs under control. In fact, Min didn't put a single needle on her leg, instead, on her head. After inserted 4 needles and joined them to an electrical stimulator, her legs were all go quiet. She had a peaceful sleeping on the treatment table.

Twice a week treatment for five weeks now, her result is remarkable. Margeret now only take a sleeping pill occasionally. Margeret feels every tretment is better than last time. She can sleep most of the nights without medications now.




Married 10 years?  37 years old?  Infertility?

Look for the reason. Treat the cause, Not IVF.



Just a note of thank you for the treatment I received from you early last year.  I am now almost 32 weeks pregnant and there is no doubt in my mind or my husband's that it is due to your unique treatment.  I still remember the day I came to see you and the hopelessness I was feeling after being told that IVF was the only chance of us falling pregnant and that I only had a short window of opportunity for it to be successful.  You did not agree with the diagnosis and believed that my diet was the main cause of infertility.  It was hard to believe that something like this could affect one so badly as my diet is quite good compared to most people I know, however I could still relate to what you were suggesting because I conquered with the symptoms, unlike what the fertility doctor suggested I was suffering from I did not show the symptoms.  After approximately three months treatment of changing my diet, chinese herbs, acupuncture and magnetic treatment to our amazement I was pregnant.  You were determined that you could make this happen and avoid the need for IVF treatment which we were due to begin in a few weeks from when I discovered I was pregnant.  You managed to save us from the financial and emotional stress that lay ahead of us.  I am so glad that I researched fibroids on the internet that day which lead me to acupuncture and then to you.  My body did not have the right conditions for me to become pregnant or to carry a child and therefore even IVF would have been unsuccessful.  Thank you for our precious little gift.  You have converted  my husband to believing in alternative medicines and even the fertility doctor said we had beaten the odds.  Thanks Min, you have become a very special part of our life.



16 March


Muscle wasting after the virus attack

Mr.B had see Min once and his health has had remarkable improvement. In the end last year (2006), B recommended his wife Jane come to see Min who had suffered virus for months and her muscle is wasting away rapidly. Jane still cannot get over the cough by March at the time she comes to Min. She has noticed her right arm was weakening for a few months. She visited many doctors and neurologists, done many X-rays and brain scans, but found nothing wrong. She got diagnosed muscle wasting. But the doctors cannot do any thing for her. When she comes to see Min, her arm cannot even hold a tea pod.

According her signs and symptoms, Min uses strong herbal formulas to strengthen her digestive system, advises her daily diet, which will giving her the resource to grow muscle. In the same time, Min uses infrared and acupuncture to help her arm in better circulation and movement.

After the first week treatment, she can lift her arm to shoulder level; second week, no more cough and phlegm, she can rise her arm to ear level; in five weeks time, her arm can row around and energetic. She is amazed how much the treatments have given her the better quality of life.

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