Sunnybank Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinic

Acupuncture Provider for Work Cover and ALL Private Health Funds



Min Wu 's Qualifications 


  • Fellow member of Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association 

  • 澳洲中医针灸协会资深会员

  • 40+ years clinical experiences 40年经验独到

  • Master of Public Health - 2004 QUT. Australia

  • 公共健康学昆士兰理工学院硕士

  • Bach. of Acupuncture ACNM - 1990 Brisbane

  • 布里斯班自然疗法针灸学士

  • Dip. Traditional Chinese Medicine - 1985 Guangzhou China 广州中医学院中医全科

   Acupuncture TCM. Provider 

Work Cover 工伤保险

私保 Private Health Funds


For appointment, please call: 0414 088 086


WeChat ID: minwu113

Adress:  32 Hanrahan St Robertson QLD.

Private Health Fund Rebates Available



Acupuncture                                                                                     $65

Initial Appointment        1hour                                                              

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Full TCM diagnoses / Examination + Combined Acupuncture treatments 1hr                                                                               $105


Short follow up consultation  ~ 10 min   (+ herb purchase)       $20

BOUNS 25min FREE massage on Jade Massage Bed for  accompany member on request while waiting for your love one


Additional Treatments Available on additional cost


Laser                                                                                    $100 /30min

Infrared Massage for pain and injuries

Sport Injuries massage  (1 area)         $30~$50 add on Acupunture

*Full body massage is unable to provide*

Bio - Electrical Therapy                                              +$30  per iterm

Magnetic Field Therapy     


Dry/Wet Cupping , Ear Candling                                       $65/ 30min                                                   

Herbal product 1wk single supply                                                $27


Above are the standed price, other conditions may apply



Member of AACMA since 1998, Fellow member since 2011.


Curent Member of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia