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Sunnybank Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinic

Acupuncture Provider for Work Cover and ALL Private Health Funds



Min Wu 's Qualifications 


  • Fellow member of Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association 

  • 澳洲中医针灸协会资深会员

  • 40+ years clinical experiences 40年经验独到

  • Master of Public Health - 2004 QUT. Australia

  • 公共健康学昆士兰理工学院硕士

  • Bach. of Acupuncture ACNM - 1990 Brisbane

  • 布里斯班自然疗法针灸学士

  • Dip. Traditional Chinese Medicine - 1985 Guangzhou China 广州中医学院中医全科

   Acupuncture TCM. Provider 

Work Cover 工伤保险

私保 Private Health Funds


For appointment, please call: 0414 088 086


WeChat ID: minwu113

Adress:  32 Hanrahan St Robertson QLD.

Main Provider for All Private Health Funds 



Acupuncture                                                                                     $75

Initial Appointment        1hour                                                              

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Full TCM diagnoses / Examination + Combined Acupuncture treatments 1hr                                                                               $120


Short follow up consultation  ~ 10 min   (+ herb purchase)      $30

BOUNS 25min FREE massage on Jade Massage Bed for  accompany member on request while waiting for your love one


Additional Treatments Available on additional cost


Laser Including brief check                                              $100 /30min

Infrared Massage for pain and injuries

Sport Injuries massage  (1 area)        Additional                   $30~$60

*Full body massage will not be performed in this clinic*

Bio - Electrical Therapy                                                  +$45  per item

Magnetic Field Therapy                                                +$45 per item  


Cupping , Ear Candling                                                       $75/ 30min                                                   

Short consultation +Herbal product 1wk single supply              $80


Above are the standard price, other conditions may apply.

EFPOT is no longer available.

All Private Health Rebate Funds ACCEPT this services, Receipt will given for your rebate. No Hicap.



Member of AACMA since 1998, Fellow member since 2011.


Curent Member of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia


Contact To

Min Wu  Acupuncture

Australia  0414 088 086

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